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Anthololgy Books Featuring Trudy

The dynamics of her writing world include essays and poetry published in six Goose River Anthologies, 2014 – 2020, and in Living Springs Publisher 2019. Poetry, the most precise form of expression language has given her when emotions find words, is published in ABSOLOOSE Volume I and 2. 

Anthology 2014.
Anthology 2015.
Anthology 2016.
Anthology 2017.
Anthology 2018.
Anthology 2016.
Anthology 2017.
Anthology 2019.
Anthology 2020.

Winning a few awards in Writer’s contests includes her first poem, The Dog That Could Not Walk, written in 2008, (won 1st prize). Also published are various magazine and newspaper articles about Soccer, (the world calls Football), even in USA Today. As well as, written letters with supporting fan's signatures, from all over the world, to FIFA, in Zürich, Switzerland, about changing soccer rules. (Some now implemented)

Trudy is a member of:

The Authors Guild

Steamboat Springs Writers' Group

Scottsdale Society of Women Writers

Member of The Authors Guild,
Member of Steamboat Springs Writers-Group
Member of Scottsdale Society of Women Writers,
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