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Published Books

Trudy’s work is published in 10 books,  Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be, the title of her recently

published dare-to-be different memoir, is book number 8 (8 is her lucky and noteworthy number, in bold throughout).   

Photo of the front cover of the book Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be.


ISBN 979-8-9850285-1-5

Some Things cover back er pr f.jpg

Book Description

A teenager’s dream, the immigrant, — Coming to America. . .

A belief something extraordinary is possible. Starry-eyed she arrives in New York on a massive ocean liner from England, the first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty in the distance, her extended arm — like a welcome — what a goose-bump-moment. Alone, with 2 small suitcases, she steps onto American soil, speaking a little English. A life unknown, fear a constant companion. She is 23. Her trust in faith and fate guides her life, believing in the power of possibilities as far back as growing up above her parents’ hair salon, in a tiny Swiss village, where even dreaming had its limits.

An award-winning successful hair designer, during her career, receives 3 life-changing job offers: Silver Springs MD, Atlanta GA, and Scottsdale AZ.

A dare-to-be different inspirational memoir, (not entirely chronological), a collection of poetry, essays, and prose with about180 pictures in color that fit the stories.
Living the elusive American dream. Laced with Love.
Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be, the reader will know why the author chose the title of this inspiring book about the school of life, courage, adventure, joy, heartache, resilience, and Love.
“A ‘Work of Art’ — this book reveals the key to happiness”, her American, Wisconsin-born husband claims.


"True happiness is . . . to want what you have.” — Trudy Wells-Meyer

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